The wonderful world of invisible organs:
invisible organs instead of lifelong immunosuppression.

Subproject 2 - Ex vivo Perfusion System

The ex vivo perfusion system uses the time of the ex vivo phase of the organs efficiently and creates the optimal conditions for transplant engineering.

The wonderful world of invisible organs.

„The problem of rejection has been unresolved for decades. It is thus all the more important to look for alternatives and to use new research approaches to achieve the longest possible survival of the donor organs. This is what our innovation network is working on: invisible organs instead of lifelong immunosuppression."

Our Vision

In order to create the prerequisites for transplant engineering, a perfusion system that exceeds the simple requirements for organ preservation is required. A perfusion system must be available that provides the best possible conditions for genetic engineering modifications in addition to pure organ preservation.

With state-of-the-art sensors, extensive parameterization and high-precision regulation, fully automatable flow of the individual process steps can be achieved, which results in the highest degree of precision, quality and reliability. Our vision is a highly flexible engineering system that offers the organ everything ex vivo that is usual found in vivo.

Our Objectives

The goal of Subproject 2 is the development of a novel perfusion system for automated organ engineering. In close cooperation with Subproject 1, a hardware and software will be developed that coordinates the requirements of organ engineering with the development activities for a premium perfusion device to enable a high-precision process control of the complex requirements of organ engineering.

With innovative process controls, the perfusion system will be able to guarantee transplant engineering with maximum reproducibility. Hardware scaling effects will make it possible to treat multiple organs simultaneously to create ideal conditions for an Organ Care Center as an interface between organ allocation and transplantation.

Head Subproject 2

Prof. Dr. Jens Hofschulte

Institute for Structural Elements, Mechatronics and Electromobility
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hanover, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 511 9296-1389