Transplant engineering creates a medical prospect for everyone.

Subproject 3 – Cost Analysis and Participation

The gender- and diversity-sensitive effects of transplant engineering create a medical prospect for everyone

Transplantation is for everyone.

„Everyone should be able to participate in innovations. Invisible organs have the power to do so.“

Our Vision

Transplant medical care is associated with high costs for the solidarity community. Usually, medical innovations result in cost increases. The Invisible Organ technology offers the chance that the current costs for immunosuppression, for the treatment of its side effects and for organ replacement therapy can be significantly reduced. Ideally, the costs of transplant engineering may not exceed these cost reductions.

Due to the immunological characteristics of transplants, women immunized by pregnancy and people with a migration background carrying other tissue markers are disadvantaged. The Invisible Organ technology is associated with the vision that these disadvantages can be neutralized through this innovation and that the inequity of participation can be overcome.

Our Objectives

The analysis of the economic and financial parameters of the Invisible Organ Technology is indispensable for the subsequent translation into a clinical study. The aim of Subproject 3 is therefore the economic evaluation of the organ engineering procedure using the kidney transplant as a model. Based on care processes, cost analyses of the current care and the care using the new procedure will be carried out and compared.

In addition to the cost analysis, a participation analysis in the transplant medical care is carried out, which represents an independent level of consideration. Through the implementation of a gender- and diversity-sensitive evaluation, the social participation aspects of current care are compared with the potential of the new technology. The results can make a significant contribution to the acceptance of the innovation and to the clinical translation.

Head Subproject 3

Dr. Jan Zeidler

Center for Health Economics Research Hannover
Leibniz University Hannover
Otto-Brenner-Str. 1
30159 Hanover, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 511 762-4602



Staff Subproject 3

Dr. Alexander Kuhlmann